The Soul and Self-Love Project

4 Month Program

This one-on-one coaching via phone or skype will last for 15 weeks and include one 45- minute bi-weekly coaching call.

An Expand Your Health Horizons session, 60 minutes in length, will take place the week prior to your first bi-weekly coaching call.  Email support includes 7 emails to me on the  no- call week and my response within 48 hours of receiving your email.

Session One:  Getting Your Life in Order

This is about planning and setting up for success in your life and health journey.

Session Two:  Eating More Mindfully 

We’ll cover practicing mindfulness, staying hydrated and eating in season.

Session Three:  Quieting the Chatter

This is all about finding therapeutic solitude in a busy schedule and committing to self-care on a deep level through mind, body and spirit.

Session Four:  Loving Your Body

Learning to cherish your greatest tool – your body.

Session Five:  Honoring Yourself

Learning how to know yourself on a deeper level, evaluating what is negatively affecting you and learning how to reverse it.

Session Six:  Deep Admiration

Deepening your relationship with yourself.  Learning what you’re great at and learning to focus on the expansion of who you are.

Session Seven:  Nourish Your Body

Learning to nourish your body, choosing to care for it with love and admiration and respecting yourself on the deepest level.

Session Eight:  Replenish and Renew

Learning the art of self-love and how to implement it regularly.  Learning how to replenish and renew your mind, body and spirit on a continual basis.