Blocking Your Opponent

Have you ever done battle with a friend or loved one who didn't buy into your belief system? Do you ever feel the need to be right or want to change a person so they see the light? Holding steadfast in your beliefs is okay, but it’s not necessary or wise to avoid or ignore other people’s opinions when they differ from your own. To learn 5 things you'll need in order not to take offense and to place your focus on loving and valuing yourself and your beliefs... Read More

Where the Magic Is

Seeking a little courage? In today's post, I'm urging you to step out of your comfort zone when the opportunity arises -- that's where the magic is. It's a chance for you to build your strength But there's something more. And that something is where the magic truly lies. Curious? To find out... Read More

Getting It All Together At Last

Most likely each of us has looked at another woman at some point in our lives and thought, “well, she’s got it all together.” Right? And there’s probably been an instance or more when comparing yourself to another woman that you found yourself lacking. So, when we look at other women and think how remarkable their lives seem, what are we telling ourselves about our own way of being?  About how we measure up? In this post, we discuss the standards we set for loving ourselves.... Read More

How to Overcome Feeling Powerless

How does one overcome feeling powerless? As women it's important that we don't discount our truth or give up our power to others. Yet every day women give up power in small, seemingly inconsequential ways through what's called the snowball effect. In today's blog, we discuss a tip to boost your confidence and make you feel empowered.... Read More

A Negative Mindset and Your Health

A negative mindset and negative self-talk are both something you’ve likely engaged in, and it’s hard not to let these both slip into your routine from time to time. And when they start showing up on a regular basis, this can lead to self-sabotage and ultimately stop you from achieving your goals, including those you may have set for your health. To learn how to combat a negative mindset and improve your health... Read More

Living Your Beautiful Life Fully Expressed

Do you want to strut your stuff? Do you want to be the best you can be? Do you want to live your beautiful life fully expressed? Women are on a quest to grow their potential, to find their purpose or achieve bliss, to live the life of their dreams and to do the things that matter to them. Here then are 5 things to do on a regular basis to build a confident, fully expressed life:... Read More

Whose Side Are You On?

Last week I saw a FB post from someone I know addressed to a friend of theirs. The friend had stated that he was an artist. My friend responded that she was, too. And then this: “I’m not very good.” Funny how women say this a lot in conversation, and you don’t really hear it. But when it’s in black and white, it really jumps out at you. Why, as women, should we find it necessary to qualify or critique our own work?... Read More

The Invisible Line

Which one are you? A doormat, a people-pleaser or a woman who commands self-respect and knows her self-worth? In today’s post I discuss the invisible line that most women struggle with. If you’ve ever found it difficult to stand up for yourself, today’s blog post is for you!... Read More

Are You a Woman for All Seasons?

Today I’m in contemplation mode. And I’m feeling full of the richness of life. And maybe when it’s winter, we appreciate being and feeling full more during this time of year. So how do changing seasons affect us on a deep level in almost everything we do both outwardly and inwardly? Discover the important factor that helps you to determine how you want to be, do, have and enjoy in life.... Read More