The (Mental) State We Live In

Are you overwhelmed with all the things on your to-do list?

You’re not alone.

To be clear, I’m talking about the to-do list with major objectives such as how to achieve your perfect future, what you think you ought to have, where you ought to be in life and what you still need to accomplish.

Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that the fulfillment of reaching our paramount life goals will bring us the peace, joy or happiness we seek.

You know what I’m talking about: “Someday when I … then I’ll be happy.” Or, “Someday when I … then I’ll have a little peace in my life.”

And while you may feel some degree of well-being when you reach your mark, most likely, it won’t be for long. Sooner or later the world will intrude with another challenge and still another. There will always be a dangling carrot with its promise of happiness once you reach it.

If stressing about your life goals describes you then I’ve got a great three-step solution for you, gleaned from the book, The End of Stress, by Don Joseph Goewey.

One: It’s all about our state of mind. Choose how you want to feel now and don’t wait for the future. It’s possible to experience feelings such as peace, happiness or a sense of joy any time. These feelings originate from within. And we can choose to have them or not no matter what point we’re at in pursuing our life goals.

Two: It’s about who we’re being while we go after our life plan. According to Goewey, we need a clear inner purpose. Knowing our inner purpose means getting clear on who we want to be. Determine which attributes/qualities of your personality you want to emphasize and put those forward first as you work toward your life goals. Now you have a to-be list to integrate with your to-do list.

Tip: Rather than simply listing your desired goals, give some thought to exactly how might you be more compassionate, more open-minded, or a less judging person, for example.

Three: It’s about belief. Your subconscious mind will bring to being any picture held in your mind and backed by faith. The more you focus on the transformation you’re striving for, the more powerful it becomes and the more you draw it to you.

You’ll feel a lot more in control and less overwhelm if you can appreciate where you are right now instead of pinning your hopes on the Good Life you hope to have in the future.

As you focus more on your inner purpose, the greater the chance that it will come into being, at least more often than not.

Remember that happiness has more to do with the quality of the mental state in which we live and less to do with changes resulting from the achievement of our life goals.

Please comment below and share with us an example of a clear inner purpose you’ve created for yourself.

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