A Tale of Two Breakfasts

A tale of two breakfasts is a story more about the way you eat rather than what you eat.  In fact, the way you eat can have a big impact on your weight, energy levels, and overall health and well being.

My guy, Ed, and I enjoy eating breakfast out.  When we do, we have our favorite spots though we also like to try new places whenever possible.

A Tale of Two Breakfasts #1

One Saturday we went to a diner we like in a nearby town.  We always seem to order the usual dishes every time.  The diner sits on a main thoroughfare with a view of the busy street and the stores across the way.  We had a lot of errands and other things to accomplish.  And typically, it was rush, rush, rush.

A Tale of Two Breakfasts #2

The next day, we decided to try something new — a café, situated on a river, near where I live.  It was peaceful and calm with a view of the cafe’s terrace, the river and the bulrushes.  We ordered our “usuals,” same as we had eaten the previous day at the diner.

A couple of mouthfuls into the meal and whoa!  Yum!  What happened to the expected ho hum taste from the diner?  Instead, I was savoring each bite.

Could it be the Thai influence of the cooking?  The owner is from Laos originally.  And the menu offerings are a combo of American and Asian cooking.

I asked Ed if he noticed a difference.  He did not.  Hmm.  This brings up the point that we all experience taste in a different way.  However, it got me thinking.

Was it simply the preparation of the food that had me loving this particular dining adventure, or was it something else?  Was it a reawakening to the sensations of being alive?

I suspect that for Ed, the morning breakfast is more about fuel.  He can’t start the day without his Kenyan coffee.  Of course our body needs food to fuel it and we often (usually) eat amazingly healthy foods.  But fuel doesn’t have to be all that a meal is about, particularly in the case of breakfast.

It’s Not Only About Fuel

What about the flavors?  The textures or the smells?  And the colors?  Often, we are so entrenched in our routines that we become accustomed to the “usual.”   The sensuality of living is lost.  Life or parts of life can become vanilla, stale and hum drum in nature.

The dining experience is one of the most sensual experiences there is.  The food is there to provide us with fuel, yes.  But also, with energy, love and nourishment.  The ambiance, china, tableware, the view, the sounds, the people we keep company with and the conversations we have all contribute to the dining occasion and the pleasure we associate with eating.

This week see what you can do to reawaken the sensuality of living in your life.  Notice when you’re feeling vibrantly alive and when you’ve lost awareness of the details of your everyday life and you’re feeling uninspired and bored.

Perhaps your breakfast is a good place to start.  Eating is a pleasurable and sensual pastime.  Be sure to let the pleasure you’re feeling radiate outward.  The more you can relax, enjoy your food and create a world of beauty that arouses your senses, the more you will not only savor your food but your life.  You may also want to read my post, 3 Must Eat Breakfast Foods.

Please let us know if you eat breakfast mostly for fuel or if you turn your breakfast into a mostly sensual experience.  And how much time do you usually spend eating breakfast?  You can comment in the box below the recipe.  We love to hear from you!

Breakfast doesn’t have to be complex.  The recipe that follows is simple, tasty and quick to prepare.

Recipe (Eggs & Veggies): Veggie Omelet

Serves 1


1 teaspoon coconut oil

1 or 2 eggs (how hungry are you?)

¼ cup veggies (grated zucchini and/or sliced mushrooms and/or diced peppers)

dash salt, pepper and/or turmeric


Add coconut oil to a frying pan and melt on low-medium heat (cast-iron pans are preferred).

In the meantime, grab a bowl and beat the egg(s) with your vegetables of choice and the spices.

Tilt pan to ensure the bottom is covered with the melted oil.  Pour egg mixture into pan and lightly fry the eggs without stirring.

When the bottom is lightly done, flip over and cook until no longer runny.

Serve and enjoy!

Tip:  Substitute grated, sliced, or diced portion of your favorite vegetable.  Try grated carrots, chopped broccoli or diced tomato.

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