How to Accomplish More This Year

The New Year brings out a huge desire in all of us to improve ourselves in some way, whether it’s personally or professionally.

In fact, a key, if not the key motivating force for us humans seems to be a desire to be better, have more, do more or enjoy more.

This continual desire to improve our own person, experience or situation is what has allowed us humans to progress throughout the ages.   Each one of us is seeking some type of expansion in our lives, no matter how large or small.

Yet as seekers, we fall into one of two groups.

First there are the Reactors.   Reactors are people who in their heart have dreams of expansion and self-improvement, but they’re too busy reacting to situations, people and experiences preventing them from moving forward with their dreams and achieving the results they want for themselves.

Second there are the Generators.   Generators are people who seek expansion, get things done and produce results for themselves (and others).  In short they “do” rather than “dream of doing.”

And in our world today, there are probably more Reactors out there struggling with how to achieve the results they want for themselves.

One reason for this is that it’s all too easy for a Reactor to get caught up in the energy habits and lifestyles of others.   Then Reactors are off and running and losing concentration on their own person.

Whether you’re a Reactor or a Generator, listed below are three aids to accomplishing more in the year ahead.

The must-have product this year is — ta da — the simple egg-timer or kitchen timer.   You probably have one in your home right now.

If you don’t, you can get one for $1, as I did, at your local dollar store.   If you consistently use this tool in the following way, you will find it an easy way to get more done.

First make a list of things you need to accomplish.   Your list might include personal things such as exercise, meditating, cleaning your bathroom, doing the laundry, completing chores or taking time to play with a pet.

Your list may also include professional to-do’s such as returning phone calls, writing a report or a blog post, advertising or creating something.

Next set your timer for 15 minutes and work on one of the items on your list.   When the timer goes off, leave your project, reset the timer and go to the next item on your list.   When the timer goes off again, drop what you’re doing and move to the next project and so on.

This way you make a dent in everything on your list, and your projects won’t seem so daunting that you lose motivation.

Every time I’ve used my kitchen timer in this way I’ve accomplished more.   You can set your timer for 20 minutes or for whatever time you choose.   The idea is to keep moving from one project to another.

The one word you need to kick to the curb is “try.”  If you tell yourself you’ll try to do something, it’s not a commitment; it doesn’t require full out effort.

So that even before you’ve begun, you’ve set the stage for your outcome and what you’re hoping will happen probably will not.

This year be aware of the words you use and the effect words and phrases have on your life.   Don’t use self-limiting words such as “try.”   Instead boost your belief in yourself.   Say, “I’ll do it.”   Give it your all.

Do you feel the difference?

Your chances of success with anything are much greater when you use positive words to express yourself not only to others but when you speak words internally to yourself.

“Trying” may sound like you want to succeed, but it’s more likely you’re aiming to convince yourself with a half-hearted commitment.

“Doing,” however, implies confidence in putting forth your full effort.

The one distinction you need to be clear about and implement is the distinction between a decision and a commitment.

Have you decided to make a change this year?

For example, have you decided to lose weight?   To take a vacation to somewhere you’ve dreamed about?   To be a kinder person?   To acquire that gorgeous outfit you’ve had your eye on for months?

Have you decided this will be the year you ______________ (fill in the blank)?

Often times just deciding to make a particular change seems like a huge, positive step forward.

But deciding to lose weight, to get more sleep or whatever doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve committed to it.

Deciding to do something is only the first step.   And for it to work, deciding must be followed by committing.

When you’ve made a commitment to do something, it means you’ve committed to doing something no matter what.   Commitment involves not letting any roadblocks stop you from working toward your goal.

So make a commitment and not simply a decision this year to achieve a result you want for 2018, and see what unfolds.

What is it you’d like to accomplish in 2018?   Do you have any ideas for how to accomplish more this coming year?   If so, we’d love to know your plans and so would our community.   Please share your ideas below.

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