A Gift For Yourself?


This holiday season, why not give yourself a gift, too.

While you may receive a present or several from your family, friends, colleagues or loved ones, you’ll be surprised by the good vibes you experience when you receive something from yourself.

Giving to yourself is a measure of your self-worth and not a measure of selfishness.

As Buddah said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

What are you doing when you’re giving? You’re showing that you care. You’re bestowing love. You’re imparting kindness. You’re offering affection.

So today I’m urging you not to overlook yourself.

Besides there’s a rhythm to giving and receiving.

The Law of Circulation states that all things in the universe are always flowing in circulation at an ever expanding rate. More of whatever you give will flow back into your life.

Energy flows between the giver and the receiver. Abundance keeps circulating.   If you give to one person, you’ll receive it back many times over from a different source.

My first experience of giving to myself happened when I received my first paycheck, from my first job after college. I went straight to Filene’s department store in Boston and purchased a beautiful pill box.

I had it gift wrapped, of course.

The funny thing is I had no pills to place inside. But that didn’t matter. What did, was that I had something in my hands, especially for me.

The pill box was a small thing of beauty that I admired.

When I looked at it later, on my bedroom dresser, I felt happy and pleased that for absolutely no other reason than I could, I had given myself a gift.

It was satisfying beyond measure.

And as I write this and remember that purchase, I still feel the buzz of joy inside.

Today as I was making lunch, I reached inside a kitchen cabinet and removed a jar of organic coconut oil.   I was thinking how fortunate I am to have it. I was thinking what a lovely gift a jar would make to give to a friend or family member, wrapped up and tied with a lovely ribbon.

And that’s when I remembered the pill box. You see, I was thinking about gifts for others but then, truth be told, I was thinking how much I’d love a little something for myself, too. Something like the jar of organic coconut oil.

A little treat. Something delicious and beautifully wrapped. Something that fits in the palm of my hand like a small treasure.

With all the commotion, commitments and chaos, for whatever reason, we sometimes find ourselves at the bottom of the list. What I’m aware of is that when I give myself a treat, I feel happier, no sense of deprivation, more joyful and more inclined to share my compassion for myself with others.

This season, when you’re out and about tempted by gorgeous clothes, sparkling jewelry, fabulous houseware items, electronic wizardry or if you’re going a different route, and you’re thinking of doing something that might be of service to another, please think about giving to yourself as well.

And while you’re thinking what would make an ideal present, consider giving yourself (and others) the gift of health.

This may mean that no matter how busy you are today, you’ll make time for exercise. Or perhaps, you’ll spend more time with family. Or maybe you’ll help someone else to achieve their health goals, such as not offering them holiday cookies when they’re working hard to stay off sugar.

Visions of sugar plums aside, food is always a popular gift.

Food nourishes the body as well as the spirit.

Food delights the senses.

And food is medicine.

Perhaps you might give yourself something of fresher, higher-quality than you’d normally buy, something you’ve wanted but for whatever reason, have not bought.

Maybe you want to add to your spice collection or invest in some high-quality, organic first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

The act of giving to yourself doesn’t have to be expensive or cost a cent. You already have abundance; you have everything you need.   And you truly can find one special treat for yourself. Furthermore, the act of giving to yourself will only increase your feelings of abundance.

This year I encourage you to up level your feelings of well-being. Gift yourself with a healthy choice for your present.

Think what a powerful gift that is.

One caveat: Make sure this one gift is for you and you only. Whatever you decide to give yourself, know that it’s a gift of love.

Be open to receiving it.

When you’re open to receiving love from yourself, you are open to receiving more love and even more abundance in your life. You’ll feel happier, healthier, more in harmony with life and in this way, you’ll discover you have so much more to give.

What one gift can you give yourself this holiday season? Please comment below. This way we can share some great ideas with one another.

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  1. Allison

    I am always watching what I eat so it was a nice treat to myself to buy a small box of my favorite chocolates this Christmas. So as not to overindulge, I cut them into quarters and had a piece every afternoon. I may keep up the tradition through January! They are in a beautiful box and I feel special every time I open it.

    • Barb Wickland

      Hi Allison,
      How wonderful you found a way to treat yourself. In what way will you continue to treat yourself after January? And the beautiful box, too, is a lovely way to honor oneself! Best wishes, Barb

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