The Grapefruit-Medication Interaction

Grapefruit is a super-healthy fruit. It has vitamins, minerals, fiber and very little sugar. There are some people, however, who shouldn’t eat this health-promoting food! This is because it can interfere with the metabolism of medications. This interaction happens with dozens of medications and, unfortunately, can lead to unwanted side effects.... Read More

Create Your Healthy Mindset

How's your health mindset? Do you feel like you're healthy and fit? Do you treat foods like they're good or bad? Are you aiming for perfect, or is good enough or better working for you? Having a healthy mindset can help you live longer. Believing in your health and wellness can be a powerful tool for achieving health and wellness. Let's explore some interesting research regarding having a positive mindset for health. And I'll give you two key strategies to elevate yours.... Read More