Where Is Your Source of Energy?

Almost every woman I speak with, at one time or another, has expressed a desire for greater energy. Some women who desire more of it may not articulate or distinguish the kind of energy that they wish to reap more of. Today we're going to focus on some concepts of energy that may raise our awareness level as to different sources of energy and how different cultures perceive it.... Read More

Helpful Blood-Pressure Lowering Foods

High blood pressure is a silent disease. Often, there are no symptoms, so that’s why it’s tested regularly by your healthcare professional. It’s better to catch it before it gets out of hand. Beyond the standard advice to reduce salt and caffeine, there are some foods and drinks that can help, too. I’ve rounded up a few for you. You may be surprised by them.... Read More

Natural Tips to Fight a Cold

Oh, the dreaded common cold. There are lots of natural ways to keep your body and immune system strong throughout the year -- things like healthy foods, lifestyle and habits. But, getting sick is still a possibility. In today’s post, I share with you my best tips to help you prevent getting sick and how to recover quickly… naturally.... Read More

The Invisible Line

Which one are you? A doormat, a people-pleaser or a woman who commands self-respect and knows her self-worth? In today’s post I discuss the invisible line that most women struggle with. If you’ve ever found it difficult to stand up for yourself, today’s blog post is for you!... Read More